Planning your Engagement Session

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Many of our clients ask about Engagement Sessions, but don’t really know what to expect or what to look for. Engagement sessions are a great way to create memories to share with your friends, family and pass on to future generations. This is your chance to be creative in announcing your plans for the future.  With this in mind, here are some common questions for our clients to ask when planning an engagement session


-  What should we wear?

·       For the ladies:  Wear bright colors for one of your looks, the bright colors will enhance the photo and landscape. Changing into a darker or more neutral color will help bring the focus and attention to your faces.

·       For the gents:  Bring a few different shirts to change into to match your partner. A button down shirt will help to frame your face rather than a t-shirt, and also provides more flexibility with your look (sleeves, buttoned up, tucked in, etc.)


-  What shouldn’t we wear? 

·       Do not wear baggy or loose shirts or pants. The baggy and loose clothing will make you look wider in photos and hide your figure.

·       Do not over tan or start tanning the week of your engagement session—you will look orange in the photos.

·       Do not wear stripes and plaid patterns; they never look good in the final shots.


-  How long is an engagement session?  A session, depending on location choice, wardrobe changes, etc., is typically 30-60 minutes.  If we are shooting outside, the best time of day is approximately 2 hours before sunset, so timeliness is important.

-  Should we use a theme?  Absolutely!  If the theme helps describe your relationship to the world, now is the time to use it.  Let us know in advance what elements you would like to bring in (props, locations, music, etc.)


-  When will we see our photos?  Depending on the time of year and how booked we are, it typically takes 2-4 weeks for the final photos to be posted to your gallery. If you saved your shoot for the last minute and need the images for a “Save the Date” announcement, make sure you tell your photographer. We will typically post the top 3-5 images to social media (Facebook, Twitter) within 24-48 hours. 


-  Should we get our hair/make-up done? Depending on the timing of your session, this could be a great opportunity to test out your makeup/hair styling prior to your wedding.  We have a well-lit makeup area at our studios for final touchups.

·       Get a manicure – we will be photographing your hands and your ring; chipped nails/polish will detract from the image. 

·       Men:  get your haircut 2 days before the session in order to avoid that “New Haircut” look.


-  How do we make the most of our engagement session? 

·       Bring music that is significant to you in your relationship.  This will help build the mood.  We have an IPOD dock available

·       Don’t be afraid to tell your photographer how you envision the final photos to look.  If you have a scrapbook of examples for us to look at and incorporate into the session, all the better.

·       Rely on your photographer’s creative input and don’t be afraid to take risks.

·       While we are working to capture the essence of your relationship, remember to act natural; this is a time for romance and PDA; don’t be afraid to play up your relationship by kissing and embracing for the camera. 

·       Have fun! Now is the time to enjoy yourselves, be a little silly. This will make for a much better session, and great photos.


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